Complete Turn-key solutions

Parget Plasterboard Technologies offers its customers to build the best with the best quality, highest technology, lowest cost, and highly efficient solution.

Why Parget is your best choice in plasterboard technologies; because, as a new player in the plasterboard plant supply industry, Parget offers the best, most userfriendly and most efficient factories that a plant needs as a result of the long and careful work of our expert personnel who have experience in plasterboard plant operation, design, maintenance and repair works for a long time.

Parget standards govern the manufacture of plasterboard and set strict criteria for strength, water and fire resistance, flexibility, and other characteristics. Besides Parget Makina offers effective technological complexes and equipment that have long expected life at low cost by optimizing standard machines.

Features Benefits
Daily Capacity
Final product range
Wide range of productivity
Flexibility : from 500 m2/h to 3000 m2/h
Possibility to produce different types od product: standard, fire resistant, water resistant etc.
Possibility to produce different size of board ( w: 600-1250 mm , l: 2000-4000 and t: 6-20 mm)
Availability of supplying machines- unit within the line that produce additives like nealite - plasterboard recycling
system, celing tile production
Energy Consumption
Plant Design
Very economical and environmentally friendly due to the use of heat recovery system and optimal working regime
Possibility to use different fuels as natural gas, heavy fuel oil, LPG, LNG
Flexible layout design
Possibility to revision / improvements on the existing design depends on customer request
Controllable, secure and easy in use process
Completelly automatic control system
Electrical and automation
Technical process
Final product accuracys / Discrepancy
Low operation cost due to low number of staff involved
Well prepared and understandable production reporting system
High effectiveness and efficiency
No production waste
Provision of formulation according to the market needs
Length and width : +/- 1 mm Thickness: +/-0.5 mm Diagonal : < 2 mm

Parget Plasterboard Production Line Process Description

Plasterboard production line consist of Preparing unit (for Wet and Dry additives dosing system) , Paper Handling unit, Mixing and Forming unit, Setting belt and knife, Wet Transfer Unit, Drying and Tripple unit as well as Bundler and Stacking Unit.This schematic drawing provides an example of a typical plasterboard production plant. Depending on the stucco, required capacities, product differences and customer requirement, design can adaptable.

Depending on the market needs and customer requirement, Parget offers to its Customer ability of different production for plasterboard with light, healthy, water-resistant and fire-resistant, and good sound insulator material and these plasterboards are used widely in the construction and decoration businesses because of its resiliency to different desired formats, easy and fast use, etc.

Production Process

The dryer can have 4 to 12 decks depending on the capacity. The dryer’s functional principle is based on efficient heat transfer by air. The drying air flows vertically onto the boards from above and below through nozzles. To avoid board edge from being burnt in the dryer and homogeneous drying, air channel design is improved by experienced Parget designers.

When the drying is completed into the dryer in the desired period, the boards pass through the transfer conveyors and bundler to be sized according to the standard. When the final sizing is completed by high accuracy; the plasterboards are transferred to the stacking unit to be packed and palletized. Parget Makina, provides the investors with technological machines, facilities and equipment that are less costly, long lasting and strong by optimizing the existing standard machines that are used in plasterboard production. We offer the most convenient solutions to customer demands for plasterboard facilities, which are improved by us using constantly developed new technologies and Research and Development studies.

With Parget Plasterboard Technologies. We guarantee you the difference of Parget experience with after sale services, assembly, and commissioning services without any problems under the supervision of our expert supervisors. With our customer-oriented vision, we are with you even after years went by with our service and spare part services, optimization services and practices to reduce product costs in our turnkey plasterboard facilities. We, as the Parget Makina, offer our customers a cooperation that would last for life not a cooperation just for the sale process

Plasterboard Factory’s Units

1  Dry and Wet Additive Preparing Unit

Believing that the heart of the plasterboard production factory is the preparing unit, we design dry and wet additive dosing and foam and water dosing systems in the most sensitive and accurate way for you to produce the best.

  • high accurate dosing machines
  • premixing
  • special designed machines with the know-how of production
  • special solution for the best results

2  Paper Handling Unit

Paper handling unit feeds, aligns and draws both the top and bottom paper and consist with the

  • Paper bobin transfer
  • Paper tensioning
  • Paper splicing
  • Paper aligment
  • Paper creasing
  • Paper sheeter

Thanks to Parget design paper handling system;

  • highly accurate paper handling and tension control with less downtime
  • with the option of automatic cartoon feeding system
  • Special solutions for high capacity production

3  Mixing and Forming Unit

Mixing and Forming Unit is where wet and dry additives are mixed till homogenous texture is reached, spread onto the Bottom Paper and bounded with the Top Paper in order to create form.

This Unit contains the

  • Mixer
  • Vibration Table
  • Form Pres

Thanks to Parget design Mixing and forming equipment;

  • State of the art machinery and equipment
  • ensuring of homogen mixing
  • homogeneous sweep using Vibrate Rollers
  • align plasterboard thickness and form it according to applying standard
  • Superior stucco control ensuring stability
  • easy maintenance oriented design

4  Knife

The Knife cuts plasterboard to desired length without stopping production.

  • High cutting accuracy( ±1,5 mm )
  • Possibility to automatic adjustment of cutting depth
  • Ensuring safety operation and maintanance

5  Wet Transfer Unit

The plasterboards which is accelerated and cut for pre-sizing in the Knife, to transfer into Dryer; Parget offers its Customer with the best and optimal solutions for Transfer Unit.

  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Robust however light machines
  • Highest qaulified and own manufactured items
  • Lowest cost
  • Ensuring safety operation
  • Modular system

6  Dryer Inlet Unit

Dryer is designed as jet ventilated dryer with twostage drying combination. The modular design allows to be optimally adjusted to the required capacity and
easily adaptable for future expansion.

  • Lowest fuel consumption
  • Best qualified plasterbaord production under minmum requried heat with lowest energy consumption
  • Homogenious drying for individual board
  • Mimimum outlet board temperature to optimize palletizing time
  • Easy maintenace with practical solution

7  Bundler and Stacking Unit

From the outlet of the dryer, we believe that to show your best product to the market, it is the bundler and stacking unit.

  • Modular system
  • Easy maintenace and ensuring safety operation
  • Refeeding points for friendly operation
  • State of the art stacking system
  • Highest capacity with practicle design of Doubler ( 4 and 8 set of boards)
  • Individual setting system for inlet and outlet of the bundler