In order to meet the individual needs of our customers and provide the best quality service, Parget Makina follows the latest technological advancements for innovation in building material industry and provides the listed services.

  • Projecting, engineering and consulting
  • Equipment manufacturing
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Industrial automation systems
  • Erection, commissioning and start-up of plants
  • Training for operation and technical maintenance of machinery
  • Technical support and after-sales services
  • Periodical control of supplied equipment and plants
  • Obtaining of ready product and development of formulation according to characteristics of raw material;
  • Modernization of existing lines according to customers' demand.
Parget Makina

Office Support

We consider our Parget-Team as the most important asset of our company.The growth of their satisfaction is refle in tjhe increase of productivity the improvement of the product's quality, the high innovation and the rendered services.We value of stuff and create a favorable work enviroment, which allows personel fulfil ent that leads to aloyal and productive work force.

Office Support

Our team provides you with wide ranging solutions for all project you might encounter. 

We backed up our commitment with a 4 point guarantee! They are: Client Satisfaction – We only supply world class equipment,
serviced and ready for work on delivery. Dependable Delivery – Construction equipment will arrive at your jobsite in prime condition within the exact agreed delivery time.Customer Service Hotline – We have knowledgeable staff on call 24/7, to solve all your equipment queries and concerns within the day.

Here at Parget Makina, we belive that people should always be prioritized. Our team made up of memebers from varied backgrounds and perspectives, which provides us with a wide range knowledge and ideas to effectively our customer's needs. We foster an inclusice atmosphere that appreciates and promotes diversity and is based on honesty and transparency.

Our passionate team is not only creating a more productive world, but proacrively shaping our future. Our experienced, youtfull and dynamic spirit has halped us reach this point. But we're just getting started! This is just the beginning.

Sales and Marketing Department

The heart of our business success lies in its sales & marketing. We are investing to be present among the biggest exhibitions and conferences across the world. Our sale team is young, motivated, dynamic and always at the disposal of the customer providing assistance and information in 5 Different languages:

  • English,
  • French,
  • Turkish,
  • Russian,
  • Arabic

After Sales Departement

We have a strong belief that providing after-sales support is vital service to ensure complete customer satisfaction.Our talented team of techniciams and supervisor provide thi service, covering both mechanical and plant engineering components, during assembly, opertation and testing. They intervene directly in plant parts of make the necessary adjustments, calibrations and process balancing to ensure optimum performances.

We also provide planned maintenance programs for machines, perfected by many years of experience and R&D.Our goal is tp provide our customers with comprehensive and reliable after-sales support to keep their equipment running at peak performance and efficiency.Our team of experts creates tailored training programs designed to meet the specific needs of your business after each project installation.

Whether with remote techinical support or with onsite supervising services and trainings, we have the resources and expertise to provide you with the techinical support thay you need.

Human Resource Departement

Our Human Resources Policy: In today's competitive enviroment we realize that human resource is one of the most important assets of the company. The refore we select hight qualified empolyess, encourage theri development and thus we enhance our success. Our aim is to attract employess who are responsible, open to new ideas and eager to contribute into the company development.
Office Support
Office Support

On-Site Support

For every project, Parget provides the needed accompaniment through a qualified technical team that provides supervision for installation, erection, and commissioning services and that train the customer’s assigned staff to operate the plant, carry out the maintenance of the equipment and train them to
handle any critical issue that might occur during the operation of the plant.

In case of need, our technical repair crew will arrive at your site within a minimum period after your request.

Installation & Erection Services:

In order for the installation to be completed in a proper way , all installation works of all factories supplied by our company are carried out by the Parget's installers under Parget's supervisors.

Our supervisor are experienced and qulified and they are alwats peresnt on site providing continuous assitance and direction to our cutomer's stuff.All the works perfomed during installation an erection, are controlled by Parget team every step of the process.We provide supervision, control , assitance, and direction, and we stand by our customers side and take responsability for any works perfomed under our supervision.

Commisioning Services:

After the completion the installation & erection works, a detailed examination is made by the mechanical and electrical-automation specialist of Parget Makina. 
When the examination reaches a satisfactory conlusion, the specialists perform a cold run for the whole process without the feed od materials, in order to check all of the drives and signalas (Cold test).

Following the successful cold run, Parget's commissioning supervisors initiate the commissioning to achiece the guaranteed specifications and capacity.

Commissioning ends with the satisfactory tests results and the mutually signed comissioning certificate.

Traning Services

During the commissioning period and the following 7 days, the commissioning supervisors of Parget train the customer's assigned staff to operate the plant, carry out the maintenance of the equipment and train theme to handle any critical issue that might accur during the operation of the plant
On-Site Support
On-Site Support
Parget Makina

Production And Manufacturing

A production area of 11.000 m2 and investment in workshop of 4 million Euro, to keep the motor of our bussiness (manufacturig) active.Because we belive that the growth of their satisfaction is reflected in tje increase of productivity and the improvement of the product's quality.In order to increase our productivity and decrease our cost, we often cooperate with other subcontractors, this way we guaranty a good production management quality and we deliver as many projects as we have with respect to timeline 

Laser Cutting Machines

  • CNC Hydraulic Press Brake
  • CNC Plasma cuttİng machine
  • CNC Bendıng machine
  • CNC Guilloine shears
  • Submerged arc welding machine
  • CNC Vertical machining center
  • 5 units of lathe machine with different types and capacities
  • 5 units of univeral vertical milling machine with different
  • types and capacities
  • Universal grinder machine
  • Laser welding machine
  • CNC Bending machine tandem type
  • Laser sand blending machine
  • Laser marking machine
  • Chemical cleaning, painting and drying unit
  • MIC/MAG welding machines
  • TIG welding machines
  • Tapping machine
  • Welding tractor with Oscillator
  • Wire erosion Machine
Production And Manufacturing

Project and Engineering

We consider our our Engineering team as the brain of the company, they work hard to provide the most accurate designs with enough flexibility at the demand of the customer.

We invest our Project and engineering department and we provide the latest Technologies to create a supportive environment for their creativity. with the wide range of engineering, starting from the design of single equipment until complete design of the plant with intergration of all its units on the customers site, we are giving complete solution in one hand.
Project and Engineering
Project and Engineering